Emraan Hashmi Gives 3 Reasons To watch Cheat India Carefully

Emraan Hashmi Gives 3 Reasons To watch Cheat India Carefully

Being branded as the 'serial kisser' in the past, Emraan Hashmi has broken that image and is ready to entertain us with his new version (Emraan 2.0). The actor will be seen playing the role of a conman in Cheat India directed by Soumik Sen. Cheat India's trailer was released a few days ago leaving audience' impressed. The film sheds light on the loopholes in the Indian Education system. Hashmi will essay the role of Rakesh Singh, a middleman who earns from the spoilt brats and helps the needy with a bright mind. The day when the makers unveiled the trailer, we caught up with the actor. While chatting with us, Emraan spoke about the underlying message that his film promotes, the reason why one must watch Cheat India, his take on our education system and much more.

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Speaking about what Cheat India will shed light on, Emraan said, "There is an immense amount of pressure on the kids because of the system that is rotten, regressive and stuck in the past. Kids are cheating because of this pressure. The system isn't helping them. Rote learning/ mugging is a big problem in our education system. Even if someone gets good grades because of it, there is no big accomplishment. It's not like people who fail are losers because they cannot crack exams, it is because the system which makes them feel so. When I say the system is rotten, it is also because of the middlemen who earn and give seats to undeserving candidates." When asked as to what will be the takeaway for the audience, Emraan quipped, "A revolution. We have been affected in our time, our kids are getting affected by the same and our future generation too will. Hence, with Cheat India, we aim to start a revolution and make people more accountable. And get rid off those middlemen who are making money."


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