Tips For Moving House With Children

Children Are Amazing But They Can Also Be Quite The Handful.

When you start to mix one of life’s most stressful experiences such as moving with children then it can either result in an exciting or stressful experience. It is important to be organised and prep your kids well in advance about the move so they are not surprised when it comes to moving day. It is not uncommon to hear stories of little ones saying they want to go back to their previous house after the move because they are living in a new and unfamiliar house which they refuse to call home. So here are some tips and tricks based on other parent’s moving experiences to help make every your family move a little bit easier.


  • Be honest with the moving process and don’t make the move a surprise for your children as change can be a difficult concept
  • Research the new area for exciting new opportunities your kids will enjoy such as local parks, playgrounds, shops and other entertainment centres
  • Take your children to visit the new home to familiarise them with their new setting to reduce their anxiety level and generate excitement
  • Show your kids their new bedroom so they know where they will be sleeping in the new place
  • Discuss the moving plans with your kids during a family meeting and get them involved in some decision making if they are old enough to understand
  • Tell them exciting and funny stories about previous moves you had to pass on positive vibes about the moving process
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends as they will all understand the added difficulty of moving with kids
  • Present the move as a positive experience with new beginnings and new adventures in a brand new neighbourhood
  • Remind your little ones that they can still keep in touch with the neighbours and local friends
  • If they have never moved before then read them stories and books about moving house so they do not get surprised on move day


  • Get your kids involved with the packing process and have them help you pack up non-fragile contents in their rooms
  • Let the children decorate and label the box with what contents are inside the box
  • Leave their favourite toys and objects out so they can be packed last in their own special bag or box
  • Pack your fragile items at night when the kids are asleep or hire a babysitter if you want to do some packing during the day
  • Dismantle the childrens’ beds a few days early and let them sleep on a mattress for a few days until you are able to reassemble it again in their new room
  • Pack a moving essential box with all the items you and the kids might need on the first night in the new home
  • Get everyone to pack individual suitcases to use as an overnight bag so you do not have to worry about unpacking essentials the first night you move in
  • If you have little ones it is best to have a babysitter on move day as it can be quite dangerous for small kids to be around the removalists carrying large and heavy furniture
  • Pack a “fun pack” for the kids filled objects that are easy to use on the go such as toys, colouring books, reading books, small puzzles, playdough, cards etc.
  • Prepare an esky and picnic basket with some small snacks and sandwiches so the kids have nibblers to eat during the moving process


  • Set up the childrens rooms as a priority so they have somewhere comfortable and familiar to sleep
  • Keep the layout of the kids room as similiar as possible to the old house to slowly introduce the change in house
  • Use a night light at the new home until they adjust to the new setting
  • Familiarise the children with where the bathroom is so they don’t bother you in the middle of the night asking where the bathroom is
  • Let the kids unpack some of their own toys and personal belongings in their new room
  • Keep some unpacked boxes for the kids to play with as they love to use them for their arts and crafts

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