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We often get asked if we accept guest posts.  We do and we love receiving them.  Guest posts provide us and our readers with points of view that differ from our own, and sometimes even challenge our own.

Here’s what we can do for you.

We can bring your post to a larger audience and provide more exposure to your work or your company.  Our guest writers come from all kinds of backgrounds and businesses but all of them create great content that we know our readers will be interested in.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post you can contact us at admin@newsbreakdown.info

But before you do, it’s important you read the house rules.


Length: A minimum of 300 words but no more than 1,500.
Paragraphs: Dividing your content into clear paragraphs makes it easier for users to read.
Links: These can be included.
Media:  You can include media such as images, videos, maps, tweets etc in your post.

Guest posts we like

Our readers know what’s going on in the tech industry, so they’re looking for articles that are interesting and different but full of useful information and tips.

Guest posts we don’t like

We don’t like posts that are too promotional of either the writer’s own business or of someone else’s (i.e. articles that look and read like ads). We’re happy to promote writers and their companies (see “What we need” below) and love to read interviews with interesting start-ups but articles should stand by themselves and provide the reader with new information rather than simply act as advertorial content – we spike more article for this than any other reasons (See “Will you spike our article” below).

What we need

We’ll need a biography for yourself, for your profile, as well as social media links, so our readers can get in contact or follow you.  Also for your profile we will need a high-quality photograph of yourself.

Here are the house rules

Be transparent

Be open about who you are and who you work for.  Our readers have the right to know your relationship to the topics you are writing about, including your professional experience.  If you are interviewing someone, or mention a person or company, tell us what your relationship is with them.  We’re happy to link to your own work or theirs but be transparent first.  Our readers are highly knowledgably about the web and are unusually quick about point out potential conflicts of interests.

Be unique
In order to publish content on the site we need to be certain that it is unique and of your own creation.  There are search engine optimisation reasons for this as well as copyright reasons but we primarily want to ensure that our readers have the opportunity to read content that is unique.

Be relevant

We’re a technology and media site, so that’s what our audience is interested in reading about.  We won’t be able to publish content that isn’t related to these areas.  Have a read through our archives to see the kind of content we publish.

Be genuine

Sometimes readers submit content to us that is well written and interesting but is just an ad for their or another person’s company. Readers tend to notice these and generally dislike them, and so do we.  If you work for a company we’re happy to give them a mention and a link in your bio but as for the main body of your article we want that to be about your area of expertise, not about how great your company is.

Be careful

Copyright and defamation can be a legal minefield so be careful that sources are clearly stated (perhaps with links) and any statements are factual.  We might have to edit or might not be able to publish your article if there are such issues or uncertainties.

Be creative

Perhaps writing isn’t your thing, maybe you’re good at producing infographics or cartoons, or you have done a Google Hangout interview.  That’s okay; if you want to see them published here we’ll be happy to have a look at them.  The same rules about written copy apply, make it unique and be transparent about yourself and your relationship with anybody or company you mention.  Also be transparent about copyright (be careful of music in videos).

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